SCB Maine

SCBMaine connects students and professionals in Maine with the global conservation community. We focus on local student focused skills development activities that are fun, educational and political discussions, as well as local and regional educational trips to natural areas and conservation research-centers. The Vernal Pool Wetland Monitoring program, for example, brings us out into the woods with an outcome that protects the frogs, salamanders, shrimp (yes, you read that right!) and more that call it home- and the people and wildlife that rely on or enjoy the pool resource.

We plan to continue the fun, with a focus on activities that are achievable and rewarding. Chapter Member’s involvement leads to a sense of belonging and a sense of identity as a Conservation Professional. No matter what you are studying you can protect the Earth’s biodiversity and connect UMaine and society with nature.

- Conservation actions that our members have aspired to at a professional level are as diverse as:

  • Middle School science education on the Maine coast
  • Applying federal fishery rules on the Bearing Sea
  • Invasive grass ecology in Nebraska
  • Amphibian population biology and community conservation
  • Developing research skills in evolution in Trinidad
  • Working with bears and other carnivores in the mountins of Southern California
  • Loon bology and management
  • Climate change and biodeviersity
  • Fieldwork with owls all over the place
  • Ecological education in various Maine towns
  • And many more

SCBMaine has diversity among the members. As well we collaborate with other conservation-based tudent organizations to provide critical mass for biodiversity.